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Super Dog

Grown from pure energy, clipped claws scraping on loose rocks, and damp nose searching for treats is Poppy: a compact and sleek black Labrador. Family dog and partner in outdoor exploration, the worst she could ever do is lick you, and she will if you let her. An… Read More

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I peered over the sloping back of the couch, vision divided between peacock patterned fabric and white doorway. My mother blindly cupped his greasy cheek in her prematurely wrinkled hand. She saw past so much. “Mister Ben Siedmannn, can you say mama? I’m your ma…? Ma!”… Read More

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Child of Luck

I am a child of luck. My older brother Ben was diagnosed with a rare terminal genetic disorder before I was born. My mom had once dreamed of having a big family, but knowing what she did about her genes, she and my dad only took that chance… Read More