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I’ve always had a love for music. Blair had this love for songs as well. Some of her last words were song lyrics. Now that Blair is gone, there are certain songs that remind me of her. Some of these songs make me happy and some make me sad, but each has a special connection to B. I made a Spotify playlist of nine songs and in this blog, I will be showing the specific lyrics that remind me of Blair. I encourage you to click on each song and listen. I’m hoping to make this a new series on the website, so if you’re a sibling who would like to share your own playlist of reminders, let me know

Reminders: A Playlist by Grey Chapin

It’s been a minute since I called you
Just to hear the answerphone
Yeah, I know that you won’t get this
But I’ll leave a message so I’m not alone
This morning I woke up still dreaming
With memories playing through my head
You’ll never know how much I miss you
The day that they took you, I wish it was me instead
But you once told me, “Don’t give up
You can do it day by day”
And diamonds, they don’t turn to dust or fade away
So I will keep you day and night, here until the day I die
I’ll be living one life for the two of us
I will be the best of me, always keep you next to me
I’ll be living one life for the two of us
Even when I’m on my own, I know I won’t be alone

There’s a room
In my heart with the memories we made
Took ’em down but they’re still in their frames
There’s no way I could ever forget, mmm
For as long as I live and as long as I love
I will never not think about you
You, mmm
I will never not think about you
From the moment I loved, I knew you were the one
And no matter what I-I do, ooh, mmm
I will never not think about you
What we had only comes
Once in a lifetime
For the rest of mine, always compare

You put all your faith in my dreams
You gave me the world that I wanted
What did I do to deserve you?
I follow your steps with my feet
I walk on the road that you started
I need you to know that I heard you, every word
I’ve waited way too long to say
Everything you mean to me
In case you don’t live forever, let me tell you now
I love you more than you’ll ever wrap your head around
In case you don’t live forever, let me tell you the truth
I’m everything that I am because of you
I have a hero whenever I need one
I just look up to you and I see one

Her eyes, her eyes
Makes the stars look like they’re not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly
And we don’t know how
How we got into this mad situation,
Only doing things out of frustration
Trying to make it work but man these times are hard

So I’d catch a grenade for you, throw my hand on a blade for you
I’d jump in front of a train for you, you know I’d do anything for you
I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Yes, I would die for you baby
But, I can’t win
I can’t rain
I will never win this game
Without you
Without you
I won’t soar, I won’t climb
If you’re not here, I’m paralyzed without you

You were a god in my eyes
Above the clouds, above the skies
You were a god in my eyes
You were a god

Don’t cry
Hold your head up high
She would want you to
She would want you to

I was too young to understand
The flowers sleeping in her hands
I was too young to understand
I was too young to understand

I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone
So I’m gonna love you now, like it’s all I have
I know it’ll kill me when it’s over
I don’t wanna think about it, I want you to love me now

There’s a time that I remember, when I did not know no pain
When I believed in forever, and everything would stay the same
Now my heart feel like December when somebody say your name
‘Cause I can’t reach out to call you, but I know I will one day, yeah

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything, take away
What’s standing in front of me
Every breath, every hour has come to this

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