Messages from Child Life Specialists

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be an exhibitor at the Child Life Conference in Orlando. I got to meet several Child Life Specialists and tell them about sibling support. After sharing my website with them, I asked each Child Life Specialist to write a message of encouragement to siblings. Here are those messages!

“You are also fighting. Fighting your own type of battle. Also significant. Keep going and fighting on! Stay strong and you’re so loved!”

“You are strong!”

“Grow through what you go through!”

“You are brave and loved!”

“You are NOT alone!”

“Know that your journey is no less significant and you too are a hero!”

“Your story is IMPORTANT!”

“Share your fight, share your feelings”

“Keep fighting your battle and stay strong!”

“You make them brave because you are strong!”

“Don’t be afraid to share your struggles! You are not alone.”

“You are awesome, unique, and loved!”

“You are brave and not alone!”


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