Running Out of Pictures

Now that my sister is gone, photos are one of the main ways I feel that I can connect with her. Whenever I’m missing Blair, I look through old photos and memories. Sometimes, even with the thousands of photos we have, I wish I had taken more of Blair. When I’m feeling this way, I find it healing to edit photos of us creatively to be symbolic and make it feel new. Here are some of the photos I’ve edited and titles that show the reasoning behind each edit.

“B & Her Poodle – Still Together”

“Sister Gossip”

“My Sunshine”

“Before The Roles Reversed”

“My Hero”

“Our Favorite Morning”

“Sparks Fly”

“She Radiates Magic”

“Talking in The Flowers”

“Pretending to Be Mermaids”

“Fighting for Our Cause”

“Being Kids”

“Our Favorite Place”

Image for We Do Our Part for Haidyn

We Do Our Part for Haidyn

Due to the Coronavirus, many have been social distancing for months now. We take this seriously for kids like Haidyn, with Sanfilippo Syndrome. While we may not be required to stay home anymore, I will keep sharing the stories of Sanfilippo families like mine as a reminder to do your part and be cautious for the sake of others. Here's why you should do your part for Haidyn. Read More

Image for We Stay Home for Seth.

We Stay Home for Seth.

Due to the Coronavirus, many have been social distancing for weeks now. Staying home is much more critical for kids like Seth, who has Sanfilippo Syndrome. Here's how the Karlsons' lives have changed because of the Coronavirus - and why you should stay home for Seth. Read More

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