Public Perception vs. Real Life

For this blog, I will be sharing a poll conducted by my website for siblings and the public alike. The poll asked different questions about siblings’ emotions. Over 50 people responded to the questions, and the differing answers of siblings and the public are very interesting.

Do healthy siblings get jealous of their brother/sister?

               Public Predictions                                 Sibling Responses



Do healthy siblings feel guilty often?

               Public Predictions                                 Sibling Responses



What is a sibling’s favorite activity to do with their brother/sister?

               Public Predictions                                 Sibling Responses



Are siblings comfortable talking about their loss?

               Public Predictions                                 Sibling Responses



Do healthy siblings feel like they have an adequate support system?

               Public Predictions                                 Sibling Responses




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We Stay Home for Carter.

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Finding the Unity in Disability

If I don’t have a topic in mind when it’s time to write a column, I read articles. I look into the lives of other siblings of special needs individuals, delving into the struggles, pains, and joys of their respective experiences. From this, I usually find something that I can relate to in my own life, and I let the writing guide me to my own ideas. Read More

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