My Viral Mission

After my speech at the MPS Conference, someone asked, “Are you on Tik Tok yet?” I sort of laughed because I only knew the app for funny videos and dances. But when I talked to her afterwards, she emphasized what a great app it could be to reach more siblings. So the next day, on December 21st, I started my mission to go viral. I posted daily for the next two weeks, and while I’m not viral yet, I wanted to share some of the videos I’ve been posting and the progress that I’ve made. Today, I have close to 1,000 followers. If you want to help me on my “mission” and get sneak peeks of blogs before they are posted, follow @theblairconnection on Tik Tok!


12/21 4:53 pm

I just posted my first video. It’s a simple introduction to what I do and why I do it. It’s very eye-catching & powerful, but considering I have 1 follower (myself)… I’m not sure how this is going to work.


12/23 11:08 pm

Since Carter’s mom duetted my first video and I shared it with some friends, I have 31 followers! Progress. I just posted the second video of me reading a moving blog by Beckham O’Neill. I’m already working on the next one:)


12/24 2:54 pm

Today I posted about the week Blair passed away. I used a clip from my speech which I’m going to continue doing for a few more videos. I have 35 followers.


12/25 9:08 am

I posted a Christmas Tik Tok today about spending another Christmas without my sister. All of these videos are pretty powerful but it’s hard when they don’t get many views. I have 38 followers.


12/26 4:55 pm

I just posted a storytime type video, which I’m hoping might get more attention than my others. I have 50 followers now because I started following other accounts and they are returning the favor.


12/27 4:45 pm

Today I posted a clip from my speech at the Lysosomal World Symposium. It is the first part of a series from this speech. I’ve been following other accounts and I have 104 followers!!!


12/29 2:36 pm

I posted part two of my World Symposium speech today. I have 154 followers, which is awesome! Still going!


12/30 5:15 pm

I just posted a storytime video about thinking my sister was a spy. A few of my videos have over 200 views now! I have 198 followers.


12/31 2:05 pm

Today I duetted with a video on my For You page about a girl’s sister passing away. In the duet, I shared sibling support statistics and what I’m doing to help siblings. I currently have 249 followers.


1/1 1:08 pm

For the new year, I posted a clip from my MPS Conference speech. In it, I talk about my goals for the new year. I have 312 followers.


1/1 7:28 pm

I posted a second video today as well, giving a sneak peek of my Year in Review blog. At this point, I have 331 followers.


1/2 4:44 pm

Today I posted a little tour of my website. It’s not as interesting as my other videos so I’m not expecting much but I’m really trying to post daily. I have 423 followers!


1/3 2:57 pm

I just posted a really powerful video of me lip syncing to a song in the car to Blair. The text on the video gives an overview of my story again just in case people who don’t follow me see it. I have over 500 followers now!

(this one got copyrighted on YouTube so here’s the Google Drive link)

Singing to Blair – Tik Tok


1/4 11:00 am

My video from yesterday got a lot more attention than usual and I gained some followers! Today, I posted a video giving a sneak peek to a blog I’m working on called “The Pile-On Effect.” I have 749 followers!


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