“My sister, Blair, and all terminally ill children have these incredible traits. Something that many don’t realize is that their siblings do as well, but are often overlooked. The mission of this website is to give siblings a place to connect with others and find additional support as they experience the challenges of having a terminally ill brother or sister.” - Grey

Image for National Caregiver Month: Kaitlyn

National Caregiver Month: Kaitlyn

Blair had a big posse, and she was Queen B. Everyone who knew her happily bent over backwards to see her smile. If you could sing “Three Green and Speckled Frogs” in the exact way she liked it, like I could, she would let out a loud belly laugh that would have you smiling for hours. Read More

Image for Finding Peace with My Sister’s Diagnosis

Finding Peace with My Sister’s Diagnosis

One significant aspect of Sanfilippo syndrome is its life expectancy — many of those with the disease don’t live beyond the age of 20. My sister, Abby, is a special case. She turned 24 in August, so she’s much older than most of the Sanfilippo kiddos we know. Read More