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Sharing A Song

Music has always moved me; my sister and I had this in common. I can always rely on music for unexpected, powerful reminders of her. I’ve learned ways to “control” my emotions and grief, but certain songs give me the opportunity to feel everything. I posted a playlist of those songs two years ago, and today I wanted to add another to the list.

Taylor Swift wrote the song “Ronan” after stumbling upon a grieving mother’s blog. The song is from this mother’s perspective as her son, Ronan, battles Cancer. Taylor credited Ronan’s mom as a co-writer, as many of the lyrics come directly from her blog. Her words are powerful and I think most families navigating terminal illness and loss will be able to relate. I always find comfort in connecting with others who have been through the unimaginable, which is why I started The B.L.A.I.R. Connection.

Watch the lyric video below or save it for a day when you want to “feel everything.”


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