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A New Chapter

Five years ago today, I entered a new chapter in my life. It was more heartbreakingly clear to me, on that day, that a chapter had ended. The chapter of my life when my sister was alive: when I could hear her laughter from my bedroom, push her wheelchair on family outings, and read her bedtime stories until she drifted off to sleep. Five years later, I continue to mourn that chapter of my life and wonder why it was taken from me so soon. But I also acknowledge the joys and achievements of my new chapter. I was inspired by my loss to create this website, discovering the comfort of sharing – sharing my journey, my raw emotions, and my advice. I found passion in creative writing, public speaking, and helping others. I could feel myself healing, piece by piece, and my hope is that other siblings felt the same.

I have taken a step back from The B.L.A.I.R. Connection recently, focusing on other parts of my life. This website and the stories it holds will always be here – for siblings in every chapter. Personally, as I graduate high school and go to college in the next few months, I am entering another new phase of my life. I will carry with me all the lessons I’ve learned and stories I’ve heard in the past five years. Most importantly, I will carry Blair with me in everything I do, even as my passions change.

My email is always open for siblings of the terminally ill & bereaved siblings –

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