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The Be Positive Collection

Welcome to the newest addition to The B.L.A.I.R. Connection website, the “Be Positive” Collection. I am hoping to publish more collections in the future with different themed questions for siblings to answer. This collection aims to emphasize the positive aspect of a child’s relationship with their terminally ill sibling. I gathered the responses of five different siblings to five questions about their experiences with their sibling. If you are a sibling of someone with a terminal illness and you’d like to be included in the next collection, email me at

Contributors: Sophia Sarkar, Garrett McKenzie, Matthew Moon, Katie Di Illio, Samantha Byers

Question 1: What is your favorite memory with your sibling?

Question 2: What is/was your favorite activity to do with your sibling?

Question 3: Where is/was your favorite place to go with your sibling?

Question 4: What is/was your favorite show or movie to watch with your sibling? What is/was your favorite book to read with your sibling?

Question 5: In what ways did your sibling change you for the better?


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