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The Scariest Night: My Perspective at Age 9

Grey Chapin

4th Grade English

December 12, 2013

My Sister’s Seizure

Have you ever had a scary event in your life, but it ended up making you feel more confident? One summer night, my mom and I did. That night, I was lying in my bed as quiet as a mouse. Blair was in her room, my mom was downstairs, and my dad was out of town (three hours away). I would never guess that this crazy night would change my life, forever.

I decided that my lips were dry, so I bent over, and got my blue Chapstick off my desk. I started to put it on, and then I heard my mom calling me. “Grey!” she yelled. I threw my Chapstick. I looked into Blair’s room, and her legs were up in the air. She was lying on the floor, shaking. My mom screamed, “Call 911!”. I ran downstairs. Once I got to the bottom, I told myself, “This is all a dream.” Unfortunately, it was not. I pulled the phone off its gray stand and pushed the numbers 9… 1… 1. I was freaking out, then a recorded voice answered. I gave the phone to my mom and she said, “My 11-year-old daughter has fallen off her bed, onto the floor, and now she is having a seizure. This is common for kids with Sanfilippo, the disease that she has.” I watched Blair carefully. “I gave her the shot that the doctor gave me in case of this event, but I need paramedics at our address.” said my mom. Someone said something on the other line. “No! Now!” my mom yelled. By now, my dog had gotten in on the action, and he was sniffing my sister. My mom hung up and called my dad. She explained what was happening. I looked out the window and saw colorful lights. It was a bright red firetruck.

My mom told me to let the paramedics in. So, I ran downstairs in my PJs and opened the small door next to the front door. “They’re upstairs,” I said shakily, pointing to the staircase. I walked up with them and went into my room to get a blanket (I was shaking viciously). I confused one of the paramedics and he almost followed me. I went back into Blair’s room, just in time to see them stick a needle into her leg. To my relief, my neighbor walked into the room. She had seen the fire truck parked in the driveway. She told me that the same thing had happened to her son when he was a baby. She discussed with my mom how she could help. I was going to their house to sleep there until Blair got out of the hospital.

On the way out of my house, we passed my family friends. They went to the hospital with my mom, as I sat up in my neighbor’s bed. We ate food, played games, and talked, but we never even laid down. The next morning, I went back to my house. I greeted my dad, who had come home, and ran upstairs to my room. There was my dog, lying on my bed, and a few feet away… my blue Chapstick.

Blair is on seizure medication, now. She hasn’t had a seizure since then. It’s nice to know that my friends and family will always be there for us on those kind of nights… those crazy nights. This event made me more confident and prepared.

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