Version Two

Happy 18th to me!!! I made it! Today is December 21st, 2019, and it’s my 18th birthday. I’m a Senior at Lake Highland, and I just finished my semester one exams. I ended with mostly A’s, which is exciting. I’m glad to have a break from school and some more time to hang out with my friends over the next couple of weeks. They convinced me to play school soccer this year! I’m not great, but it is so fun to play with all my friends. I think we’ll go to states this year! I’m going to miss my friends so much when we all leave for college. I’ve gotten to be good friends with lots of different people in different friend groups in high school.
I’m starting to get decisions back from colleges; it’s nerve-wracking. I think I want to stay in-state, but I applied to Clemson, Georgia, and Boston University too. My dream school is the University of Florida. I’m pretty hopeful about getting in. My mom went there, so I’ll be following in her footsteps. I might even rush and pledge to Pi Phi! Suz would love that. If I went to UF, I could visit home easily every once in a while to see my parents, Grey, and, most importantly, my poodle Henri. I’ve become even more obsessed with dogs and animals over the past year. I even volunteered at an animal shelter last summer. I can’t wait to be close to my Aunt Cary’s farm in Gainesville. I’m already trying to convince her to start breeding poodles… it’s a long shot, but that would be SO fun! Speaking of animals, I guess I should mention the important fact that I will be studying to become a veterinarian! I want to do something that I love, and I love helping animals. Gainesville has great undergraduate and graduate programs for being a vet, but just in case I want to change it up in four years, I might apply to Cornell’s graduate program. They have the best Vet Medicine Program in the U.S.! Although it might be too cold for me there. I’m thinking about moving back to Orlando once I become a vet. I don’t have everything figured out, that’s for sure… but I’m excited about the future. I’m an adult now! That’s so crazy! I’ll be celebrating with a family dinner tonight and some yummy cake.


Blair Chapin


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